Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a registered company in UK, British Dissertation Editing helps to insure confidentiality in our private dealings. The system for privacy mentioned below discourses the process of gathering and utilizing prized information provided by our customers. From here onwards the reference word ‘we’ imply British Dissertation Editing, unless indicated as otherwise.

Assembling of Material:

On a few instances customer will be requested to deliver private information regarding themselves (e.g. designation and correspondence address etc.) in order to provide more tailored and customized services for our website(s).

Safeguarding Information:

Our foremost aim is to provide secure and safe information that is kept confidential and protected at all times. This is to say that our services are far better than most reputable companies appearing on the Internet as well as those that are not so reputable.

Regulation on Goods and Facilities:

Our services include student related services entailing edification, plagiarism dismissal services, established documentations and evaluation materials. Your consent in providing us your details allows us to cooperate and contribute towards you better services through e-mail, fax, mail, SMS and telephone. With better correspondence tools we can inform you about our latest products, services, and promotional offerings to spark your interest. Any objections to receive such messages are duly complied to and adherently halted instantaneously.

Methods Of Data Collection For Your Stopovers On Our Website(s):

IP addresses assist us in providing more customized and personalized services to our visitors by defining their location, and relevancy of content to be directed towards them.

Management of Private Materials:

The purpose of your intent defines our usage of information. Without your consent and evidence information is NEVER falls under the influence of disclosure for anyone, any person, or entity.

Verification of Private Materials:

Our legal department maintains strict regiments concerning volatile information. We can provide you a copy of our record for your information after sound and absolute verification regarding confirmation of your identity. You will be asked by us to confirm your identity by answering certain questions regarding validation of your specifications. This is our reserved right which cannot be denied.

NOTE: Our confidentiality procedures are subject to periodic up-gradation, the current versions are readily available on our site.


We offer a wide range of proofreading and editing for students in UK. Our academic proofreaders and editors are highly skilled in many areas of study and are carefully trained to carry out all related kinds of work. It doesn’t matter what type of work you have, we have experience and knowledge to help you improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and format to achieve perfection.

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